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Freshen up your house for the new year

It’s a whole new year, and you may have been hanging out at home a little more than usual lately. If you are starting to see things you want to change, there is no need to wait for spring cleaning! There is plenty of inspiration all around to help you know where to start.

Here, we want to help you to turn your home into a space you love with some simple tips and tricks, as well as some of the most popular styles of home décor you may want to explore. Whether you are looking for a tiny change or more of an extreme makeover for your house, there will be something for you.

Decluttering delight

Are you noticing that your home is feeling a little cluttered? It can be hard to part with your favourite possessions, but as a general rule, you should try to look at your things at least once a year. Forgotten you had ten identical pairs of black boots, or still hanging on to fashion magazines from last season? You will be surprised at what you can kick to the curb. Put on your favourite music and make it fun – and for those things you cannot bear to part with, introduce some savvy storage solutions.

You would be surprised how much difference tidying away your possessions can make to the look of your home. Clear surfaces are easier to clean, and simply appear sleeker and more stylish. Something simple like a magazine rack hung on the inside of a closet door, or hooks for tea towels inside kitchen cabinets can make a huge change and give your home a more minimalist vibe!

Green is great

Want an easy way to brighten up your house? One of the top trends for this year is simple – bring home a plant! Having greenery inside your home can make things look beautiful and make you feel more cheerful.

A spider plant can be placed out of the way in a hanging basket, and a cactus will be easy for even the worst plant mom to keep alive. Succulents are a great choice for all around your home, as they can be placed in chic glass pots ideal for dining tables, desks, and just about anywhere else.

Keep it clean

This might not be your favourite tip, but fitting cleaning into your everyday life is a great way of improving your home. Just wiping down the kitchen surfaces after you have cooked dinner, or tidying your shoes onto a rack when you come home after work, can make your space look better and more spacious. Running the vacuum cleaner around at least once a week will keep dust bunnies at bay, and you can enjoy a fresh home every day!

Picture perfect

Looking for a small way to make a big impact? You chose the pictures on your walls because you loved them, and you don’t want to change them out for something new.

However, you can still change things up without buying a whole new lot of art prints and taking new family photos. Try trading the pictures in your bedroom with the pictures in your living room. Just changing their location can make the pieces you love feel new.

While you’re at it, why not move your furniture around, or add something simple like a new cushion or two to your sofa? These little changes can make all the difference to how you feel about your home.

Top trends

If you are looking to make a bigger difference, it’s time to get excited! The top home décor trends of 2021 are pretty exciting and there is something for every stylish lady.

Introducing dark hues into your bedroom is so on-trend right now, with rich wine reds and midnight blues lending calming cosy luxury to your sleeping space.

Want to replace your old light shades? Knotted hanging light fixtures add a rustic twist to any room, and could not be hotter property for the homes of fashion-forward ladies.

If you are looking to repaint your home office or living room, millennial blush pink is as big as ever. Use it to create a feature wall or paint a bookcase for a pop of bright colour.

Are you feeling inspired to update the look and feel of your space? Any one of these little bits of advice will help your home to feel brighter and fresher – try one or go wild and try them all to feel like you’re in a whole new home.

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Image by Image by Terco via Pixabay