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7 fashionistas from the TV screen

We all love TV shows for their gripping storylines, captivating love stories and humourous jokes. But as well as enjoying the story, a lot of us like to look at the outfits that the stars wear during the shows. After all, they often have amazing style that we wish that we could copy. In fact, a lot of our fashion purchases are inspired by women on TV. There are quite a few actresses who get it right every time and are high in the style stakes. In fact, here are 7 fashionistas from the small screen who inspire us when it comes to our fashion choices.

Villanelle from Killing Eve

She might be a bit crazy but we would love to raid Villanelle’s wardrobe from the hit show Killing Eve. The quirky character is definitely high in the fashion stakes with her individual style that leaves us all in awe. From colourful power suits that she wears when she’s on her missions to the amazing PJ collection she relaxes between jobs, the assassin has definitely caught fans eyes with her colourful and often breathtaking fashion sense. Who can forget that pink dress she wore in the very first series.

Nancy from Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the biggest shows to come from Netflix. With millions of fans, one of the best things about the show is the 80s theme that runs through it and with this theme, you get a load of great fashion too. One character whose fashion is always on point is Nancy Wheeler. The charming character has come out with lots of classic 80’s pieces throughout the series. And as she entered the workplace in the last series, we were excited to see a lot more stylish and classy clothes that we would love in our own wardrobe.

Rachel from Suits

Meghan Markle might have gone on to lead a very different lifestyle now with Prince Harry, but her days in Suits were filled with so many great outfits that inspired us on a daily basis. Her character Rachel definitely knew how to pull off the perfect work look with fabulous pencil skirts to white suits that were perfectly chic. She knew how to rock a blouse and definitely paired all the outfits well with a pair of killer heels. We loved all her fashionable outfits and was sorry to see her leave the show back in 2018.

Tahani from The Good Place

We were so sad to see The Good Place ending earlier this year. The comedy series was a great hit which saw UK presenter-turned-actress Jameela Jamil take on the fabulous role of Tahani. From the get-go, we loved the style of the quirky and fun character. Her fashion choices were always on point and helped her to grow her fan base. Tahani knows how to rock feminine chic and has a whole range of beautiful dresses and skirts which are always colourful and girly. With glamorous hair and full make-up as well, she is a true fashion icon whose style is perfect for days out with the girls.

Queen Elizabeth from The Crown

The Crown has gained a huge following since it began on Netflix back in 2016. The popular TV show is based on the life of Queen Elizabeth and her current reign. As much as she often pulls it out of the bag now at Royal events, she was a fashionista back in those early days. We love Elizabeth’s early style in the show with so many beautiful dresses that inspire our wardrobe collection. From stunning ball gowns to classy numbers, Claire Foy impresses with her role as the Queen of England.

Ada from Peaky Blinders

The hit from the BBC has a fashion following with many guys grabbing a cap and a waistcoat after being inspired by the TV show. However, when it comes to women fashion, we absolutely love Ada’s fashion choices. The sister of the family, she has featured in a whole range of stunning pieces which have been inspired by the 1920s. From her gorgeous fur coat in the last series to her bold flapper dresses, she always chooses colourful choices which are stunning to look at. She is definitely a memorable character with her classy wardrobe.

The doctor from Doctor Who

The thirteenth doctor played by Jodie Whittaker has shown off a load of great fashion choices which puts her high in the fashion stakes. We just love her iconic coat which is perfect for a winter look. In the latest series, she even pulled off a charming tuxedo which got viewers at home talking. As well as being an icon for being the first woman doctor, she is definitely a style icon too with her fashion choices.
Image by StockSnap via Pixabay