#FlashBack Event

Corsets collection

Hey Ladies,

Women’s fashion during the Victorian period was anything but subtle!

Tight corsets, bonnets, top hats, and big skirts are only a small part of a woman’s look back then.

Every piece was made with great attention to detail and with the best materials!

In this event, you have the opportunity to become a member of the high society and wear the most luxurious outfits!

How to play:

You’ll find 7 different zones in this event!

You’ll receive 1 free try every 4 hours, but again, if you’re feeling impatient you can always go ahead and try earlier with diamonds and emeralds.

During this event, you’re going to need Victorian Fans to discover more spots.
On your way you’re going to find some amazing outfits and rewards hidden in different castles on each map! On top of that, each zone will have a very special final reward for you, so make sure you explore them all!

Еnjoy until 22.09.2020;15:00 CET.

Lady Popular team

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