7 Ways to Find Inspiration and Get Better Ideas

1. Go out of your comfort zone

You have heard that many times, but have you tried it. It works! Even the fact that you are facing challenges that are not usual for you, helps you generate new ideas.

2. Change your surrounding

Changing your working/studying place can have a very positive effect. Going to the local café, for example, can really help you get the inspiration that you need. This is an easy way to try and see if it works for you.

3. Write everything down

Sometimes you come up with an idea and then you completely forget it. An easy way to prevent that is by writing everything down. Even if you think it is a stupid idea, put it on a paper. Then you will have time to think again and maybe something surprisingly good will come up.

6. Avoid things that distract you

If you really want to be productive and have fresh and good ideas, try to avoid everything that distracts you. For example, if you don’t need your phone for the work, put in the other room. It will be harder to get to it, that will help you stay focused.

5. Take breaks

Nobody can’t be productive without having breaks. You will feel better after a short break. To stop thinking for your work/project for a while will refresh your mind and your focus.

6. Traveling

This is a pleasant and inspiring way to get fresh ideas. Seeing how others are living and how they are going it can be your motivation. Different culture, a different perspective and different point of view are only a few of the advantages.

7. Do sports

Doing sports is another activity that can help you get inspiration. Physical activities can stimulate your creative thinking and help you be more productive and concentrated afterwards. On the other hand, it is also good for your health and will keep you in good shape.

One of the most important factors is believing in yourself and not giving up. If you do that as well as some of the tips for finding inspiration, you will definitely come with some really good ideas.

Do you have your own tricks for finding inspiration and great ideas?

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