Festive fashion for holiday fun

festive fun

Festive fashion for holiday fun

We all know how fashion has the power to transform and make you feel like the best version of yourself. Add the magic and sparkle of the festive season, and you have a recipe for some truly beautiful popular style looks.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, this time of year is full of celebrations and reasons to get together with family and friends to enjoy quality time and even the occasional party. But what are some of the top fashion and beauty trends that will keep you looking incredible all through the winter months? Whatever the special occasion, we have collected some of the top holiday looks for you, both classic and modern.

Make a statement with shoes

Should you be someone who would rather dress in a more conservative way, you can still let loose with a statement shoe. Embellished heels are popular this year, with a silver or gold party shoe decorated with sparkly jewels sure to turn heads. If you aren’t a fan of high heels, you can still find embellished shoes that have a smaller heel or ballet flats. Whether you go full sparkle or for just a few little jewels, go for a shoe that says “party time”!

Embrace a velvet touch

When you think of the festive season and dressing to impress, you probably consider velvet! This is a classic cooler weather material that looks sumptuous and stylish when dressed up for a holiday celebration. You can opt for a velvet skirt paired with a simple top and flat shoes for a more casual event, or go for a lavish velvet gown for that must-attend party.

Velvet has the advantage of being a slightly heavier material, so if you don’t want to wear a shrug or cardigan, it could be a great choice for you. You can even style it more androgynously, with a velvet jacket and trouser combination, worn with a white shirt or tank top. The choices are endless, and velvet can look wonderful in any colour, whether you go for a traditional wine red or a shimmery silver shade.

Feathers are everywhere

Want to go for a look that is very 2021? This year, unusual style is all the rage. Feathers are a popular choice for the stylish lady/ladies looking to make a true fashion statement. You can wear feathers loud and proud or in a more understated way.

A dress made of feathers is fun for a take on a 1920s flapper look, or shrug on a bolero made of feathers to keep you warm as the winter chill sets in. You can even wear it a little more casual, in a feathered gilet with a pair of skinny jeans and a sparkly top; perfect for those celebratory brunches if you aren’t going full party mode.

Keep it classic with the LBD

If you subscribe to the school of Coco Chanel, you probably feel at your most confident in a simple and slinky little black dress. The LBD looks great all year round, but it really shines at festive shindigs, where you can pair it with those sparkly shoes and some sensational accessories, like a pair of statement earrings. Choose a mini dress to show off your legs (in a pair of sleek tights, if it’s chilly where you are!) or go for a swing-style dress for some 1950s style glam. The great thing about a classic black dress is that you can wear it in a range of styles and materials, and it can be a flattering choice for any frame.

Don’t forget the extras!

Whether you are dressing in a velvet playsuit or a sparkling long gown, you need the right accessories to offset your outfit. Take a moment to think about your clothes first. If you choose a more eye-catching outfit, then a pair of simple gold or silver hoop earrings, or a pearl necklace, might be the right choice. However, if you are going for the little black dress or a more demure outfit, you can afford to go for a chunky necklace or some larger jewels.

Make sure that your makeup complements your look while still being glittery and Christmassy. You can get away with a bold cat-eye flick and some shimmering eyeshadow; this is the perfect time of year to be extra.

This time of year is all about celebration and having an excuse to shine your brightest! Whether that means treating yourself to a new little black dress or trying out a modern feathery style, make sure you feel your best and enjoy yourself – you deserve it.
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Image by Fotografie_Reimann via Pixabay

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