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Even when it is cold, we shouldn’t stay only at home. Now we need sun and fresh air more than any other season. It is good to spend time outside, but we need to take care of our skin and hair.


During the winter our skin gets dry and we need to take special care. There are creams especially for cold weather that protects from UVB rays. For our skin doesn’t like the fast changes of low and high temperatures and this is what makes it dry. We should avoid peeling the skin and use cream both in the morning and in the evening. A good choice is a cold cream because it acts as protection against cold.


Our lips also need special care. They can dry very fast, that is why it is good to use lip balm a couple of time during the day. We can also exfoliate them, but not that often because it could have the opposite effect. The balms with UV protection are a good option especially if we spend time outside or go hiking.


Same as our lips, the hands are always exposed to wind, cold and UV rays. Even washing our hands makes them dry. It is good to put some cream after every wash. Products with jojoba and coconut oil are perfect for moisturizing your hands. There are a lot of products or treatments that we can do for your hands. It is recommended to wear warm gloves when going out.


Not the low temperatures, but the dry weather makes our hair look bad. It is good to use products that make your hair look healthy and skinny. If you like wearing hats this will stop the wind and your hair will look as good as it was.

One of the things that can make you feel better is warmth because cold weather and lack of sun can make you feel depressed. Massages with essential oils or taking a bath can have a positive effect. When you feel good, it will affect your skin and hair as well. Drink hot teas with cinnamon or ginger or what you like the most.

Activity is also essential during winter. Often when it is cold outside, we don’t want to go out, however going for a walk or running in the part can have a very positive effect.

More tips on how to combine all these components of your look

Do you like winter? What are your tips and trick to feel better during winter?