7 Fashion Rules That You Should Break

What do you think about fashion rules? Do you always follow them? Today we will talk about those that you can break with no doubt.

1. Combining gold and silver

The old fashion rules say that wearing gold and silver at the same time is not accepted. However, nowadays a combination of rose gold and silver is something that we often see for bracelets or necklaces. It looks great and can match them with other jewelry or your outfit.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest


2. Bag and shoes in one color

We can all agree that matching the color of your shoes and bag is easy, but it’s not a must. Sometimes it is even better. You can add a colorful bag as an accent to your outfit and there is no need to match it with your shoes. An outfit in neutral pastel colors and a yellow bag.

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3. Mixing prints

Wearing only one print/pattern is something we are used to doing. However, you can be creative, experiment and create an amazing outfit mixing different patterns. Just be careful not to become too much – two different in one outfit is totally fine.

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4. Short girls and long dresses/skirts

Long dresses can actually make you look taller, as long as you know how to wear and combine them. If you choose a high waist maxi shirt, this will make you look taller and with longer legs. Put some high heels and you will have an amazing outfit for a night out.

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5. Trainers for an everyday look

We are used to the fact that trainers are only for running or going to the gym. However, you will see that today almost every brand has a pair of trainers, not only sport once. You can combine them with your everyday outfit for school or work with no doubt.

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6. Denim and denim

Sometimes it is hard to combine your denim shirt. Why not with denim jeans? It looks great and there is no problem to wear two kinds of denim. The combination of dark and light denim is really chic.

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7. Clutch

Normally we wear clutches on a night out or dinner. But it can be a part of your everyday casual look. It gives you a more interesting look because we are used to the big shopping bags. If you are going for a more elegant look – jeans, blazer and high heels are a perfect match for the clutch.

Source: Pinterest


Experiment, try new things and be creative! If you can create something unique and better, there is no need to follow the fashion rules.

Do you agree with the mentioned above? Are there any other fashion rules that you often break?

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