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Loving fashion can be a great way to express yourself and your unique style. There are so many different ways to show off your creativity and flair for beauty trends through fashion, whatever your look is. However, we have all experienced a fashion disaster or two – if you have found yourself looking back on old pictures and cringing, you know the pain of this!

Whether you have your bespoke look or you like to keep up with the latest popular style, you will want to avoid fashion disasters in the future.

Double denim disasters

Fashion ideas to avoidDouble denim is a look that was mostly found in the 1980s and, with some exceptions, it can stay there. Wearing all over denim can tend towards looking trashy rather than classy, even for a relaxed look. You may remember Britney Spears and her then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake making the double denim mistake in quite a spectacular way, by both showing up to an event in head to toe denim. Yikes! We would steer clear of both the full-on denim look and dressing to match your other half… it won’t age well, we promise!

If you want to modernise the double denim look, opt for black skinny jeans and a cropped blue denim jacket to avoid it appearing too dated or, dare we say it, like a cowboy cosplay.

Keep food on the plate

Anything can inspire fashion, but sometimes inspiration gets taken a little too far. A pair of cute cherry earrings or a lemon print dress can look beautiful, chic and cute. We even love the look of purses that masquerade as a box of fries – it can be a fun way to add a little humour to your fashion. However, some celebrities have taken their food love to the next level. We all remember Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress that certainly made a statement…. Mostly that we never want to see it again! More recently, model Cara Delevigne zipped herself completely (yes, even her face) inside a pizza print onesie, hiding everything we love about her. It did make us want to order a pizza, though…

A feathery flourish

One of the big style must-haves for the festive season was a little bit of feather embellishment. Feather dresses were a big party trend that many looked great in. However, if you want to carry this trend forward, make sure you don’t end up looking like you’re in fancy dress. No one wants to look like they are showing up as a chicken at a costume party when heading out for a chic dinner. One of the most over-the-top instances of the feather trend would have to be Bjork’s infamous swan dress (avant-garde, but a definite style no-no for most of us!), but Christina Aguilera had her feather faux pas in 2018. Xtina is always beautiful, but her shoulder to ankle white feather dress completely swallowed her shape and made her look as though she had fallen into a nest rather than been dressed by the best. Avoid at all costs – keep feather embellishments subtle and stylish!

Dressing down

Okay, so we all know that the past two years have seen many of us donning our pyjamas as a staple of our daily wardrobe. Working from home may have encouraged a sweatpants revolution, but when you head out, you still want to turn heads! If you are going out for a nice meal or a party, make an effort and dress for your shape. Salma Hayek learned this just last year when she showed up to a movie premiere in a pair of basic platform sandals with a loose polka dot blouse and voluminous white skirt. She looked good, but a little like a tourist who had wandered into the London movie premiere on her way to a casual dinner rather than the gorgeous movie star she truly is.

You don’t have to always get out your six-inch heels and a dramatic cut-out dress, but dressing for the moment can help you to feel more confident and give you movie star style even if you are only heading to cocktail hour.

Phew! As any stylish lady/ladies out there know, it is all too easy to fall victim to a fashion disaster, but hopefully, you can keep these examples out of your wardrobes and look forward to a more stylish tomorrow. But don’t worry! As we have seen here, sometimes those fashion disaster moments end up being the looks we remember and smile over for years to come! So if you do make a fashion mistake… have a camera handy to capture the moment.

Image by LisaLiza via Pixabay