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Beauty trends are ever-evolving and recently, eyebrows have taken centre stage. Desirable brows have gone from the thin, sharp brow of the naughties to the fluffy, thick brow that can be seen all over Instagram. Whilst they are certainly a focus within the realms of makeup artists and runway models, many regular women and men still struggle to use their brows to their full potential.

Eyebrows frame the face and knowing exactly how to make them work for you is the secret to flawless makeup and overall confidence. Shaping your brows to perfection requires a little more than simply plucking them into a neat line. Every face type will suit a different kind of brow so it’s worth playing around with different eyebrow shaping techniques and methods, to see what looks best on you! If you are new to the world of eyebrows, how to shape them and current trends, here are some of the best tried and tested eyebrows how-to techniques that you could try today!

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Natural, thick eyebrows

This 2021 eyebrow trend is certainly here to stay and is a great option for anyone who likes low-maintenance beauty. Natural, thick eyebrows are everything that they sound like!

People are encouraged to let their brows grow to their natural shape and to then enhance the thickness by using gel or wax. This trend requires minimal hair removal and instead allows beauty enthusiasts to play with full, natural eyebrows to create a bold look. This can be done in a few simple steps.

  1. Using a brow brush, brush your brow hairs in an upwards motion to thicken your natural brow
  2. Then, take a clear brow gel, wax or brow soap and brush over the thickened brows to keep the hairs in place
  3. Finally, use a colour matched brow pencil or eyeshadow to add length to the brow or to mimic additional hairs that will add to the thickness (this step is optional)

This thick, natural brow works best on faces with bold features. It is suggested to keep the rest of your makeup minimal to draw attention to the brows and to keep the look natural.

Don’t forget that some type of tattoos are perfect supplement to the contrast eyebrows

Straight brows

Straight brows have been made popular by supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. These brows have no arch and instead follow a straight line that slants slightly upwards to create a lifted face. You can create shape brows on your face using makeup products and tools that you probably already have in your cosmetics bag as well as a small eyebrow razor and some scissors.

  1. First, get rid of any natural arch that you may have. Do this by going to the tail of the brow and gently using the eyebrow razor to shave off any downward-facing hairs.
  2. Next, you should use a brow brush to brush all of the hairs in a downward motion. You should then use scissors to trim off any hairs that hang over your natural brow shape.
  3. You have now got a good base to create a strong, straight brow.
  4. Use makeup or brow paint to extend the ends of your brows in a slanted, straight line. Make Sure that you don’t overdo it- this needs to look natural.
  5. You can then add thickness to the brow by filling in the hairs and applying gel to keep everything in place

Straight brows are a bold look so, don’t be shy about filling them in and making them precise. By using makeup eyebrows can be completely transformed! If you want to achieve this look but don’t trust yourself around an eyebrow razor, you could always ask an eyebrow technician to thread or wax your brows into a straight shape for you.

Precise, arched brows

Some of us have naturally thin brows that can’t easily be turned into the fluffy brows that have taken over Instagram. Instead, thinner brows can be enhanced by shaping them into a precise, face-framing arch.

Thin brows are the easiest to maintain which makes them perfect for creating a shape that lasts! Painting eyebrows has become incredibly popular for creating this effect- people will shave off their natural brows and use ink or henna to paint a new brow onto their face. However, for some people, this may seem a bit extreme! If you want to achieve an arched look without shaving off your natural brow, here’s how you can do it!

    You should neaten up your brows by getting rid of any stray hairs. You can do this by waxing, tweezing, threading or shaving.
  1. Remove any stray hairs that grow out of the shape that you want your brows to follow. A good way to do this is to draw a rough shape to follow with an eyeliner pen.
  2. Make sure that you give your brows a strong arch by plucking most in the middle of the brow. A good arch lies in line with the outer corner of your eye and will frame your face.
  3. Once the brows have been shaped, use a brow pencil or coloured brow gel to fill in the brows and to exaggerate the arched shape.
  4. Your brows should look neat and sharp.
  5. Finish off by using a clear gel or makeup setting spray to keep the makeup in place

Thinner, arched brows complement bold makeup and create a strong, sophisticated look on your face. You may need to perfect these brows throughout the day to keep them looking neat and arched.

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Image by StockSnap via Pixabay