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It is time for a new event in Lady Popular – Shining Armor

You can be strong and powerful but at the same time kind and gentle!

We tried to combine the power of the metal and iron with the most feminine clothing item – a dress.
You will find this amazing combination in this event!

Make stops at all the star locations and discover the various rewards hiding in them.
Collect the required color blocks and win all rewards for your lady.
If you run into some trouble you can always use your trusty boosters:

  • hammer (clears the block you pick)
  • bomb (clears a block and its surroundings)
  • color bomb (clears all blocks of the color you choose)

You start with 3 lives and if you lose one, it will be replenished in 8 hours! Keep in mind that if you manage to collect all the required color blocks on the star location and collect all the rewards you don’t lose a life!

There is a special reward for everyone who has collected all of the items from every zone – a background for your profile.
The Shining Armor event will be active from 11.01.2019 – 13:00 CET until 20.01.2019 – 13:00 CET.

What do you think of those clothes inspired by metal armor?