Event: Harajuku Girls

If you have never heard about the Harajuku style before now it’s time to increase your knowledge.

Harajuku is a fashion style born in Tokyo. It’s a mixture of everything! EVERYTHING!

The local youngsters want to send a message to the world and society that they don’t really care about mainstream fashion and no rules apply to them when it comes to personal style!

If you are a conservative dresser you won’t like it, but your inner kid will happily wear Harajuku style every day!


How to play?

Now it’s your chance to get amazing rewards by challenging a Harajuku girl! Some super potions, available in the game, will help you win!

And it is easy to play! Just press the button and move a square further. Every 2 hours you can make a free move, thus closing the next outfit. If you are out of patience, then you can pay in diamonds!

You can win brand new hairs to go with your outfits!

This event will be available until 21.06.2019; 13:00 CET

Have fun and share with us what do you think about the Harajuku style.

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