Event: Atlantis

We start the month with a mystery – Atlantis. Where is it? Is Atlantis real? Many tales are told around the world about this mysterious island and its people.

Some myths say that the Gods sent a battalion of fire and earthquakes so intense that Atlantis got lost to the waves.

Probably we would never know what happened, but we could try and imagine with this amazing event!

How to play:

Collect ancient maps by winning duels with players or supermodels on the Fashion Arena or exchange diamonds! Bigger gifts, greater chances for more exclusive rewards! Every gift you purchase will be stored in your inventory and you can open it later. If you can’t wait, you can always open some gifts earlier, but you have to spend some extra diamonds.

Collect the ancient maps from 01.08.19 until 14.08.19, 13:00 CET.

Purchase gifts from 01.08.19 until 15.08.19, 13:00 CET.

Open your gifts for free from 08.08.19 until 15.08.19, 13:00 CET.

Don’t forget about the gifts discount also, available until 08.08.2019; 13:00 CET



For the period of the event the level restriction for challenging opponents on the fashion arena will be +/- 10 levels. The supermodels are now even more generous. Every time you win a duel against a supermodel, you will get 3 to 5 ancient maps.


Enjoy the Atlantis event until: 15.08.2019; 13:00 CET

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