New event coming!

Hey Ladies,

Get ready for an unforgettable vacation in Miami Beach!

We will have so much fun under the warm Florida sun!

You’ll never be bored here!

Important info:

There are 3 gift types – small, medium, and big. Every gift can bring you amazing rewards.

All gifts can be purchased either with beach umbrella or with diamonds.

You can collect beach umbrellas by winning duels against players and supermodels or by exchanging diamonds.
Use the beach umbrellas to get gifts which will be stored in your inventory until 24.07.2018, when you will be able to open them.

There are 3 things you should remember:

– You can collect beach umbrellas from 17.07 to 30.07.2018;
– You can purchase gifts from 17.07 to 31.07.2018;
– You can open your gifts from 24.07 to 31.07.2018;

Remember, there’s an early bird discount for the gifts until 24.07.2018; 13:00 CET

If you can’t wait you can always open some gifts before 24.07.2018, but you have to spend some extra diamonds.

Hurry up and purchase as many gifts as you can so you could increase your chances for countless wonderful rewards!

For the period of the event the level restriction for challenging opponents on the fashion arena will be +/- 10 levels.
The supermodels are now even more generous. Every time you win a duel against a supermodel, you will get 3 to 5 beach umbrellas.

This event will be available until: 31.07.2018; 13:00 CET
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