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Fashion trends come and go. The latest popular style might not be around forever, and we have seen dozens of great looks pass by through the years. But in the last couple of years, a couple of striking new looks have appeared all over the internet. Unless you don’t go online at all, you can’t have missed out on seeing some striking filtered photographs using an app called VSCO or girls with split dye hair.

These are two of the most popular styles of the moment among teens and early twenty-somethings: VSCO girls and e-girls. If you don’t know much about these trends, read on! We’ll give you a quick overview of them, and how you can steal their style.

What makes an e-girl?

E-girls started out as “emos”, which is in itself an evolution of the goth look that was popular in the 80s and 90s. However, e-girls are very much of the moment, combining these aesthetics with punk and drawing from Japanese anime to create a larger than life, cartoonish look that is still soft and feminine.

The look often features dark hair with at least some of it dyed an unnatural colour. For example, many e-girls have dyed the front pieces of their hair or gone for a full split dye look, with one side being black or brown and the other being blue, green, orange… any colour you could dream of!

E-girls are usually found hanging out on TikTok or blogging on Tumblr wearing strong winged eyeliner, hearts drawn under their eyes, pink eyeshadow and a little blush on their noses for an innocent appearance.

What makes a VSCO girl?

VSCO girls could be seen as the e-girl’s preppy sisters. They embody a kind of modern California cool, all combined with a strong sense of caring about the environment. For example, they often carry reusable water bottles as a style statement, and carry their favourite things in a basic backpack rather than collecting shopping bags.

They lean towards paler pastels and natural (if any) makeup, and are named for using the VSCO photo editing app. As such, they tend to spend their time on Instagram, posting aesthetic photos. They also love scrunchies – a definite 90s influence!

Are they here to stay?

While these looks seem to be very much of the moment, you might be surprised by their staying power. Though they are by no means timeless or classic (in fact, they will probably look dated quite quickly), the beauty trends show no signs of slowing down.

Since these looks are primarily popular with teens and those in their early twenties, it is safe to say that they might be outgrown, but with the presence of TikTok, Instagram and Tumblr making alternative styles ever cooler, it is possible that more and more people will seek to incorporate these styles into their own daily looks in subtle, wearable ways.

Want to steal e-girl style?

Do you love the e-girl look but don’t know how to bring it into your wardrobe without opting for a full split dye? Drawing on a bold cat eye in black is a great way to get the edge of an e-girl while still looking a little more classic.

Or, if you do want to try dyeing your hair the e-girl way, start small. As we said, some girls have dyed the front pieces of their hair, bleaching them blonde before colouring over this with bright neon shades of pink, orange, green or blue. However, you can simply bleach a small piece of your hair that is hidden and dye it a cute bright colour; that way you can always hide it away when you want to look less edgy!

Snap up the VSCO girl look

It is even easier to steal the VSCO girl style. Summery pale pastels and a bright white pair of sneakers that look a little 80s give you a good idea of how to make it work during your downtime.

VSCO girls also opt for more natural makeup and hair, so scale it back if you usually wear heavy dark lipstick or eyeliner. Opt for neutrals and a gentle pink lip, paying attention to your skin. Primer can give you that dewy, youthful glow, even if you aren’t in high school anymore! Use an on-trend backpack to carry your things to complete the look.

And don’t forget the signature scrunchie for tying your hair back – and one just for wearing on your wrist.

Whether or not you want to embrace either of these looks is totally up to you. Generation Z and the popularity of TikTok has spawned some new and interesting looks that can be worn by most ladies.

Whether you prefer the natural styling of the VSCO girl or the edgier look that e-girls offer, don’t forget to always have fun changing up your own personal style! You can always go back to classic you, and you might just find your new favourite look.

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Image by antonbe via Pixabay