#How to dance like a pro in few easy steps

Let’s dance!
Happy international dance day! It’s time to dust off your dancing shoes and get moving. In this blog post, we look at the benefits of dancing and share the coolest dance moves with you.

Why is dancing good for you?

1. It makes fitness fun

Dancing is considered cardio fitness, which means it improves the condition of your heart and lungs. Many people enjoy dancing as they find it more fun and entertaining than other forms of cardio exercises, such as running.

2. Improves muscle strength and tone

Have you ever wondered why ballerinas have such lean, elegant bodies? Dancing helps to tone and strengthen muscles, especially if you dance on a regular basis. To achieve a perfect ballerina body, you must try and live the lifestyle of a dancer, e.g. dance every day and try to eat a balanced diet.

3. Stronger coordination and flexibility

Do you struggle to touch your toes or reach up for high objects? Dancing can help to improve your flexibility and elongate your body. Learning dance sequences will also help improve your memory and coordination.

Ready to learn some cool dance moves?

Before we give you specific trendy dance moves, it helps to know what are the coolest dancing styles.

• The 80s

When you think of the 80s, naturally you’ll think of neon leotards and bright leg warmers. While no one is wearing leg warmers any more, 80s aerobic style dancing is still well and truly in fashion. Channel your inner Breakfast Club era Molly Ringwald and start grooving to some 80s tunes.

• Contemporary

In contemporary, modern dances, there are no rules! Play a song that you enjoy or that has meaning to you and see where your body takes you. Expressing your emotions as much as possible through your dancing is what contemporary dancing is all about.

• Street dancing

From Honey to Step Up, there have been many successful films made about street dancing, and for good reason. Street dancing combines hip hop and modern dance styles and often includes a lot of popping and locking movements. Play your favourite street dance films and try to follow along with a few steps.

• Ballet

Almost every little girl wants to become a ballerina when they grow up. Ballet is a very disciplined dance, but that does not mean you cannot still practise ballet for fun. If you are worried you are not fit enough to get back into ballet dancing, follow a couple of barre exercise classes online first. Barre is an exercise inspired by ballet and pilates and will help you rebuild your muscle strength ready for ballet dancing.

So, what are the top dance moves to try this international dance day?

1. Moonwalk

Let’s start with a classic. Everyone has tried the moonwalk at some point, not all of us, however, are able to do it successfully. The secret to quickly improving your moonwalk is wearing shoes without any grips and never taking the tips of your feet off the floor.

2. Flossing

You’ve seen children and celebrities flossing, so why not try it yourself? Get your hips in a comfortable swinging rhythm and then move your arms back and forth. If you keep your hips at a steady rhythm, you’ll soon master flossing.

3. Single ladies

If you want to move like Beyonce, start with the single ladies dance. Mastering the single ladies dance move is all about attitude. Move your hips to the beat and twist your palm back and forth and you’ll soon be moving fiercely.

4. Vogueing

Any RuPaul’s Drag Race fan will be all too familiar with vogueing. Named after the iconic Madonna song, start by making simple poses by bending your hands and legs. Then perform all your poses in a sequence adding little flourishes to give your vogue extra attitude!

Top dancing tips

• Have fun!

Dancing is about having fun and showing your personality! Don’t ever worry what anyone else may think of you and just let loose.

• Dance like everyone is watching

Lisa Rinna, of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, advises “the secret to life? Dance like everyone is watching.” What Lisa means, is that you should have the confidence to dance and shine, regardless of who is watching you.

• Get dressed up

Are you struggling to feel inspired to dance? Dress up like a dancer. Whether you dig out your old leotard or simply add a red lip to your beauty routine, looking the part of a dancer will help you to move more confidently.

We hope you have a fun-filled international dance day!

Image by ArtTower via Pixabay

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