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Cyber punk fashion

Cyberpunk fashion is bold, stylish and unapologetically out there. Think metallic textures, colourful hair, safety pin accessories, black leather and lots of attitude. Cyberpunks don’t care what other people think, they wear what they want, and they use their look as a way to express themselves. Taking inspiration from influences as varied as science-fiction movies, Korea street style, gothic fashion and steampunk fashion, it’s a really awesome aesthetic.

Cyberpunk essentials

To get the perfect cyberpunk look, there are a few style essentials you’ll need in your wardrobe. You will definitely need a black leather jacket. That punk classic is going to complete your cyberpunk look every time. Embellish your jacket with studs, paint punk rock slogans on it or sew on some patches from cool punk bands. Use safety pins and rip it up a bit for an awesome punk fashion look. You will also need some amazingly colourful and unique makeup, which we’ll look at later. This popular style needs lots of accessories, so pile up those chains, harnesses and bracelets, add layers and choose cool futuristic-looking pieces, like a metallic headpiece or officer’s cap. Go ahead and get creative, this look borrows elements from steampunk style which is all about making awesome accessories yourself.

Futuristic fashion

For a really science-fiction inspired look, choose clothes which are made from futuristic materials, like perspex, metal and vinyl. Look for futuristic prints or slogans, which feature aliens, space-age technology and planets. One awesome cyberpunk accessory is anything that lights up, if you can make your outfit look like it might be a robot assistant, you’re onto a winner. Find creepers with LED soles, a backpack that lights up or even earrings which flash in different colours. Neon is another popular choice when you’re rocking a cyberpunk look. Little pops of bright green or pink add a sci-fi element and you can wear neon badges and jewellery too. Dying your hair a neon colour is another cool part of this style, make sure it’s super straight and shiny too! Look at popular video games like Fall-Out, Cyberpunk 77 and Bioshock for some cool futuristic fashion inspiration.

Style with attitude

The punk look is all about attitude, and this futuristic fashion trend isn’t for the faint-hearted. Ripped up jeans, tartan shirts and combat boots are punk essentials that you can give a futuristic twist. This fashion trend takes in a lot of other alternative fashion styles too. If you want to make your look more punk, think about styling your hair in a classic Mohican or shave off a section. Piercings and tattoos are also a cool part of this look so don’t be afraid to show off your body art! There is also a body modification element that some cyberpunk fans like, so if you’ve always wanted to stretch your earlobes or put a spike through your lip, now is the time! Band shirts for punk bands are always a good choice and look for clothes with cool slogans or cybergoth imagery.

Apocalyptic chic

The cyberpunk fashion trend is a bit darker and more subdued than other alternative styles like Korea street style or Kawaii fashion. It features lots of dark shades, black leather and chains. Films like The Hunger Games, Mad Max, Blade Runner and Battlestar Galactica are a good example of this kind of futuristic fashion. Darker colours, combat clothes and face coverings add to this end of the world look. There is definitely a gothic fashion element to cyberpunk style, so indulge your dark side with skulls, bats and crosses. Chains and masks are another part of the look which can be easy to recreate.

Space-age beauty

One of the best things about cyberpunk fashion is the amazing beauty trends that come with this style. No colour is too bright – think blue lipstick, orange eyebrows and a crescent moon painted on your forehead. Embrace the outlandish and whimsical, but don’t lose that punky edge! Black lipstick is always a great choice for cyberpunk style, and it’s a great gothic fashion look. Look at David Bowie’s makeup for inspiration, or Bjork.

Think dramatic eyeliner, exaggerated lips and pale foundation. Choose sparkly, metallic tones and make sure you have some space-inspired nails too! Again, facial piercings are super cyber punky and face gems and rhinestones are a pain-free way to get this look. Experiment with unusual hairstyles and you can even try some cool special effects make up looks. Be bold ladies, and embrace these weird and wonderful ways to make your cyberpunk look stand out from the rest.



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Image by ArtTower via Pixabay