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1st place – Lady Maska  – 200 diamonds

2nd place – Lady Majesty – 150 diamonds

3rd place – Lady Mary J. – 100 diamonds

All the other winners will receive an email confirmation.

The diamonds will be automatically added to your accounts.

Thank you all for participating!





Hey girls! I hope you’ve been having a blast with the Fashion Diaries so far!

We decided to run a game and reward you with diamonds for your participation!

What is the game you wonder? Let me give you a hint – do you wish that some of your favorite stories had a different ending? Well, you are guessing right! We are giving you the chance to offer an alternative ending to one of our stories and win diamonds in Lady Popular!


Here are the game specifications:

1. In order to play the game is to download the Fashion Diaries and find the chat between the two best friends Rain and Amanda!

2.  Read the whole story and write an alternative ending by your liking starting from the moment where the chat resumes “One hour later”! Here is a screenshot from the chat:

chat story


3. You need to send your alternative ending, (starting from the “One hour later” moment) your lady name and the version you play in to and that’s all!

There are no limitations for the alternative ending besides your own imagination.
You can write them in the form of a chat between Rain and Amanda or you can write them in the form of a short essay telling us what should have happened in the story differently.

There are also no requirements regarding the length of the alternative ending – it can be just a couple of lines or a whole page – it is up to you to decide.

Also note, that we won’t be looking into grammar and punctuation, so you don’t have to worry about that.

The only requirement for the alternative endings is that they should be written in English language.

Now, finally, what are the rewards you wonder? We are giving away diamonds to 100 ladies!

• 1st place (best alternative ending) wins 200 diamonds
• 2nd place – 150 diamonds
• 3rd place – 100 diamonds
• The other top 97 alternative endings will receive 10 diamonds each!

The game starts right NOW and it ends on 07.10.2019 23:59 CET.

On the 08th of October we will announce the winners and send out the rewards!

Can’t wait to read your e-mails!