#Coastal Experience Adventure

Coastal experience

Hey gorgeous ladies!

It’s summer vacation time, and we know what that means: having fun and relaxing!

Make a trip to the beach and enjoy the sun with a refreshing drink in your hand.

Summer, stay forever!

How to play:


If you want to learn how to play this event check our YouTube video here:




– You can collect shells from 03.08.2020 – 16.08.2020; 15:00 CET;

– You can purchase gifts from 03.08.2020 – 17.08.2020;15:00 CET;

– You can open your gifts from 10.08.2020- 17.08.2020; 15:00 CET;

Hurry up and purchase as many gifts as you can so you could increase your chances for countless wonderful rewards!

For the period of the event, the level restriction for challenging opponents on the fashion arena will be +/- 10 levels.

The supermodels are now even more generous. Every time you win a duel against a supermodel, you will get 3 to 5 shells.


This event will be available until 17.08.2020; 15:00 CET


Lady Popular Team

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