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Is it time for less street style and more classy looks? Style chit-chat

It is always a good idea to switch up your style every now and then. With trends changing by the minute, it can be quite challenging to keep up.
Street style is all the rage right now. It is edgy yet comfortable and sassy yet sophisticated. However, there is something about classy ensembles that just speak volumes.Classy styling is timeless.

The same dress you wear today will still be relevant and elegant ten years from now – such is the essence of this ageless trend. These outfits are appropriate for everything ranging from work to brunch with your girlfriends to traveling across the world – they happen to work anywhere and everywhere.The secret to nailing the look is to keep it effortless, minimal, and subdued.
Whether you prefer minimal or classic fashion or bohemian, street style, or high fashion, you can make any style look classy with just a few essential tips.
Here are eight ways in which you can look classier.                                                                                                  Source

1. Understand your personal style
Start by identifying your personal style. We all have a style identity that we resonate with. It reflects our personality, our interests, and more. After all, your outfit is a visual representation of your state of mind.
Some of us enjoy the simpler things in life. Others like to live out loud. Find your style and customize your looks around it. Classy fashion does not have one particular definition. It is all about how you interpret it.
Perhaps the most crucial part of looking classy and elegant is feeling comfortable in your own skin. You can only ever feel comfortable if you are yourself. Do not ditch your personal style to adopt another.

2. Invest in timeless pieces
Timeless pieces exude elegance and class. They are simple yet statement and incredibly versatile, so you know you can guarantee good use out of them.
Every gal needs a good overcoat – we recommend grabbing neutral tones. Invest in a couple of good denim jeans and jackets. Sweaters go a long way. They pair brilliantly well with everything from dresses to jeans to skirts. A sexy leather jacket for women is the ultimate must-have, as is a little black dress.
Look into lists of essential must-have items that you can use to build the foundation of your wardrobe.

3. Invest in classic fabrics
If you want to create a classy essential wardrobe, you must invest in clothing made with classic and timeless fabrics. The four basic fabrics that have stood the test of time include cotton, silk, wool, and linen.
Do not be afraid to experiment with variations of the fabric. Denim, for instance, is an excellent example of cotton fabric. Denim comes in an array of colors, styles, and cuts that flatter one and flatter all. Cashmere is a luxurious alternative to conventional wool. It is warm, cozy, and incredibly versatile.
Care for these fabrics properly, and they will last you for years to come.

4. When in doubt, wear neutrals
Neutral tones are like that trusty old friend that you have known since kindergarten. This friend has known you for years, and you feel comfortable around them. This friend is reliable, so you can always fall back on them without a second thought.
Yes, bold prints and patterns are exciting, but on the days when you do not know what to wear, just stick to solid neutral tones such as black, gray, beige, white, or navy blue, and you are good to go.
A fun way to sport neutrals is in the form of monochromatic outfits. Add different accents and accessories to take your look to the next level. We recommend opting for muted pastels, neutral tones, and earthy hues.

5. The right fit is crucial

A critical element to nailing the classy and sophisticated look is to make sure that your outfit fits you perfectly. Oversized clothes are becoming increasingly popular, but there is a fine line between looking hip and looking sloppy. A well-tailored and form-fitting ensemble exudes a chic and elegant aura that is hard to miss.
For instance, your skirt should hug your curves. Additionally, it should finish just above or below your knee. Your blouses and blazer should follow the curve of your waist. Similarly, your trousers must be half an inch off the floor.
Everything should not necessarily be form-fitting as you can easily mix and match these structured pieces with unstructured ones for a contemporary and classic fusion inspired look.

6. Keep it modest
Classy looks lean towards a bit of modesty. Mini-skirts, deep necklines, and crop tops are generally considered abominations in this fashion realm.
Stick to collared, crew necks, V-necks, or boat necks for the most effortlessly classy outlook. Cowl, sweetheart, halter, and square necklines also keep your cleavage well covered. Steer clear of mini-skirts. The classiest skirt is the one that ends right at the knee. Crop tops, although all the rage in street style, do not flatter everyone. If you are looking to achieve a classy look, just avoid them altogether.

7. Keep the accessories minimal
Accessories are the ultimate tool that can transform your outfit. While we all love our chunky earrings and blingy bracelets, the secret to nailing that classy and timeless look in to keep your accessories minimal. There is something so beautifully effortless about simple accessories that it just elevates your outlook to another level.
Invest in pearl and diamond stud earrings. (Even the copies work well.) They look gorgeous anywhere and everywhere, as do hoop earrings. A delicate bracelet makes for the perfect arm candy. Additionally, get your hands on a good statement watch. Avoid chunky necklaces and instead opt for long and dainty pendants. Big statement rings are a no-no. Thin bands, heirloom rings should be your go-to.
Accessories are not restricted to jewelry, in case you are wondering. Your accessories also include additional pieces that you can add to your ensemble, such as scarves, belts, shoes, bags, etc. These are excellent for adding visual interest to your ensemble.
Play with colors, patterns, textures, and prints. Use a belt to color break a monochrome outfit or spice up an otherwise basic look. For the shoes, pumps, ballet flats, ankle boots, and statement heels are your best friends. Not only are they supremely versatile, but they are also super chic and classy.

8. Hair and makeup make a difference
Styling your hair makes all the difference in the world. A messy bedhead is far from attractive. A slick bun or a sleek ponytail is ideal if you want to keep things neat, tidy, and professional.
If you find it hard to make time to style your hair in the morning, get an easy to carry haircut that you can work with quickly without much hassle.
As for makeup, we suggest keeping it minimal. The goal is to look made up but not overdone. Try to keep your makeup routine as simple as possible.
Use mascara to open up the eyes. Bring warmth into your face with the help of a bronzer. Give your cheeks a warm flush of color with a blush. Be sure to conceal those under-eye bags. Complete the look with a nice lipstick, and you are ready to head out.
– Parting thoughts
Contrary to popular belief, classy and sophisticated outfits do not break the bank. Yes, quality matters, but you can always find good quality items at a bargain. After all, quality does not always necessarily mean luxury.
Pay attention to the details, and keep everything clean and simple. Make sure that whatever you are wearing flatters you, and your outfit is balanced.
Dressing classy is not difficult. Sure, it will take some time to get used to because learning takes time. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and play with your options. You never know when you might score a winner.


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