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What is the first thing that is coming up to your mind, when you hear cozy fashion item? This is the best definition for the trendy big scarf that is in every fashion wardrobe. The scarves are not something new, people have been wearing scarves for years already. However, nowadays they are again on the catwalks. This time the focus on the very big scarf or the so-called blanket scarf.

There are no many great things about the big scarfs and that is why there are becoming a must-have for every fashion woman. You can wear a simple tight dress or jeans with a casual blouse and by adding a big scarf you will get a fresh new look. It will give texture, color and make your outfit unique.

woman with a scarf

On the other hand, blanket scarves go perfectly with oversize jeans or a sweater. You are keeping the style and matching with the exact accessory. For this outfit there is no even need to wrap it around your neck, you can just leave it like that.

Looking at the practical side, a big scarf will keep you warm, when the weather gets colder. If it is big enough you can also pull it down to your shoulders. Another useful idea for a long scarf is to put on a basic blouse, over that your favorite scarf and tight a belt around your waist. You have an easy, stylish and chic look.

Big scarfs are at the same time practical and easy to wear. The main point is to achieve an outfit that looks effortless. There is no need to spend time doing it perfectly, as the idea is to look carefree. Scarves are a great accessory because this is an easy way to add colors to your outfit – violet, burgundy, dark yellow or sea-green.

colorful scarves

For the moment when you don’t know what to wear, go for a very basic look and put on a scarf. It will make your look much more attractive and chic.

If you are wondering what fashion item to buy this season, go for a big scarf without doubts. Choose the best color for you and create great outfits. You will love it!

What do you think about blanket scarves? Do you wear them often?