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The weather is getting warmer and you are willing to spend more time outside. With those changes, we are also changing our wardrobe – you can finally wear your favorite sneakers or ripped jeans. Let’s talk about skirts today – is there somebody who doesn’t like them – they are so girly, stylish and always trendy. The skirt is one of my favorite fashion items.

Skirts are really practical, you can wear them on almost every occasion – school/work, meeting, dinner or for a night out. Depending on your style, you can achieve a casual, elegant or business look. Another advantage is that there is no need to have a perfect body, so you can wear a skirt. You need to know which style suits you best – short, midi, high-waisted, pencil or circle.


Midi skirt

Stylish and comfortable to wear – this is what describes best the midi skirt. It looks good on both slim and curvy girls. However, if you are really short – there are better options for you like a shorter one. You can combine the midi skirt with both high heels or flats/sneakers.

midi skirt


Flower pattern

The flower pattern became popular a couple of years ago and it is still trendy and perfect for warm weather. The knee skirt is perfect for a business outfit. The colorful pattern is giving you color and fresh look. It is really easy to combine, just put a casual plain blouse and you are ready to go. The great thing about different patterns is that they are giving you enough colors and you just need to add one color shirt.

flower skirt


Tulle skirt

This ethereal, beautiful and girly fashion item. It seems that the tulle skirt is not that popular among women for an everyday look. Most of the time when you hear tulle the first thing that is coming up to your mind is the long elegant princess dress. However, you can wear it on a daily basis combined with sneakers and a casual top. If you want a more different and unique look, the tulle skirt is a good choice.

tulle skirt


Short colorful skirt

The classic short skirt is always trendy. Recently, we see more and more fashion items rich in colors. If you love wearing more than one color, choose this kind of skirt. It is perfect for spring and summers, giving you a fresh and positive look.

short skirt


Pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is one of the trends that are making a comeback. It goes perfect with a loose sweater or a crop top, which makes it practical and you can wear it in both warm and cold weather.

pleated skirt


A classic skirt is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Do you like skirts and do you have a favorite model?