Autumn Makeup Look

The autumn is so beautiful, colorful and cozy. This is also the inspiration of the autumn makeup look. Warm brown eyes and dark red lipstick – one of the most popular autumn makeup looks. If summer is not the time for darker eyes and lips, now you can freely wear your favorite colors.

Dark Lips

If you were avoiding the dark lipstick during summer, because of the high temperatures and the chances of being blurred, now is the time for it. Some of the most beautiful colors inspired by autumn are plum, burgundy and the classic red. Another trend coming back from the ’90s is the brown lips. If you are a ‘90s lover, you should definitely try this one. You need carefully to choose the best brown that will match your skin tone, otherwise, it may not look that good on you. Useful tip about applying dark lipstick is to use a lip brush to make sure that you will apply it clean with defines lines.

Autumn Eyes

There are so many different beautiful eyeshadows inspired by the autumn colors. If you like to experiment, you can try orange eyeshadow. Again, you need to be careful by choosing the right shade for your skin tone. The best advice here is to use a blending brush to blend the eyeshadow smoothly. You can also put some brown eyeshadow to your crease to add definition.

Golden brown eyeshadows are another great accent in the autumn makeup look. Shimmer and especially in the golden brown shades is so trendy and chic these days. Combine it with nude mat lips and you will have the perfect seasonal makeup.

We love the classic makeup look of red lips with a winged eyeliner. For the eyes, you can just put a nude color as a base and finish with the eyeliner. This is enough to complete the rich red lips. You can also use another darker shade of red like burgundy or maroon.

Everyday Autumn Makeup

You can also create autumn makeup look for every day. For the eyes go for the nude palette and colors like light brown, so you can create that warm look. Having nude eyes means that you can choose a more rich and dark color for the lips. However, if you don’t wear dark lipstick on a daily basis, you can choose a glossy nude color.

Makeup gives you the opportunity to experiment and freely express your style and creativity. Another advantage is that you don’t need a lot of different eyeshadows and other makeup, for example even with 2-3 colors of eyeshadows and mascara you can create an amazing makeup look.

Do you already have a favorite autumn makeup look?

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