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Are you curious about what is coming up in Lady Popular in April?

Spring is already here and I am so happy and ready for the warm weather, blooming trees and spring mood. I am as excited as you are about what we will have in Lady Popular in April. I decided to give you some inside information, directly from our artists’ folders and show you what they have been working on.

  1. Every woman needs to feel unique, be strong and look beautiful. Keeping that in mind and in a combination of these trendy and stylish fashion items, you will give your lady the perfect look.

collection Lady Popular


2. Easter is such a lovely holiday with great traditions. That is why Lady Popular decided to bring that atmosphere in the game with an amazing event. Our artists prepared for you so many cool stuff – designer outfits, new hairstyles and some furniture, so you can welcome the spring to your apartment.

Easter Lady Popular


3. Long curly hair looks good on everybody. I personally love long hair with volume, especially if this is your natural hairstyle. This collection is combining those beautiful hairstyles and spring clothes. Pastel colors, flower motifs and fresh look – this is the inspiration for the collection.

collection Lady Popular


April is so close and all this spring mood will become part of Lady Popular. I am sure that you will love the all upcoming stuff. Some of my favorite flashback events and collections are coming back in April as well.

Were you also waiting for the spring to come? Are you excited about what is coming up in April?