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History is a great place to find fantastic fashion. While modern beauty trends come and go, if you look back in time, you can find classic looks that have translated into the styles of today.

Remember when you were a little kid and you loved reading about Greek myths? Well, you can bring those magical tales into your everyday life when you dress in the Ancient Greek style. Alright, you might not want to go full costume party, but you can draw inspiration from the beautiful ancient models.

But what are some of the styles of Ancient Greece? And how can you incorporate these into more modern looks? Read on to find out more.

Cool for the summer

The first place the thoughtful, fashion-conscious lady can take inspiration from Ancient Greece is in fabrics. Every popular style worn in these ancient times was created using natural fibres. While nowadays fashion has advanced to include manmade and blended fabrics, the best way to stay cool during those warm summer months is by taking your cues from the ancients. Opt for natural fibres, such as cotton, for high-quality items that are comfortable and breathable.

The Grecian must-have dress

If you have seen statues or images of Ancient Greeks, you will have noticed that the women are usually wearing long, floaty dresses that gather under the bust to create a flare of beautiful material. This Grecian style of dress is truly a classic, and over the years it has been adapted to suit all lengths. Known as a “stola” or a “chiton” in ancient times, now the Grecian dress has enjoyed modern popularity thanks to its flattering cut and effortless chic glamour. Choose a minimalist white dress with a tumbling updo to truly feel like a modern Greek goddess, or opt for a bright and colourful style for those summer parties.

If you have ever visited Greece in the modern-day, you know that it is replete with bright colours, whether that is pink bougainvillaea spilling from a tree, the rich shades of orange and lemon groves, the sun setting red and gold or the stunning blue of the Ionian sea – take note and try these colours whatever style your dress is!

Cloaks over cardigans

Do you usually wear a cardigan or carry one for when the weather turns cool? If you want to create more of a statement look for those big events, or even just the nights you are feeling a little more glamorous, take another note from Ancient Greece. The Greek style was to wear a tunic and a cloak (both men and women opted for this popular style) and you can do the same.

Cloaks come in all different kinds of materials, from light cotton and linen to decadent velvet and even wool for winter, so you can wear one in place of a warm coat. A cloak adds a little mystery and whimsy to your look. Pair with a long dress and heels for a statement style, or simply shrug one on over your regular daily outfit for a flash of high fashion.

Don’t be afraid to accessories

Once you are wearing your stylish Grecian dress, you can take a leaf out of the Ancient Greek book and be bold with your accessories! Mycenaean jewellery is available to view if you visit the Athens Archeological Museum, but if you can’t get to Athens, you can still draw inspiration from it. Think eye-catching gold pieces with jewels of turquoise, emerald and ruby to capture the decadence of Ancient Greece, but don’t go overboard – choose one or two pieces to complement a minimalist look for a really striking appearance.

The footwear of the ancients

Ancient Greek sandals were handmade and were worn by both men and women. As the most common kind of footwear in Ancient Greece, these leather sandals had many straps, which ensured that they would stay securely on the feet of the wearer. It is also worth noting that sandals were so iconic in Ancient Greece that you will often see them at the center of art from the time, and the messenger of the gods, Hermes, wore sandals with wings so that he could quickly pass messages.

Of course, your sandals may not have wings, but Greek-style sandals are still some of the most comfortable and iconic in the world. You can still find high-quality sandals, made with leather or synthetic alternatives, that are perfect for wearing with summer dresses.

Are you excited to experiment with the sensational styles of Ancient Greece? For effortless-looking summer chic that helps you to stand out from the crowd, a little time travel might be just the thing!

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Image by symvol via Pixabay