Are bandanas back? ’90s fashion trends we love

Bandanas from 90's

’90s fashion trends are everywhere this summer, from colourful dungarees to space buns and bandanas. Embrace the fun, carefree and laid-back ’90s look. That means fluffy pink bags, heart-shaped glasses and lots of charm bracelets are all okay when you’re wearing this popular style.

Girl power fashion

The ’90s reminds everyone of Girl Power, with the Spice Girls, bumper stickers and chick-flicks making sure everyone knew that girls support girls. That means that denim jackets with girl power badges are a must, especially if you can find some retro bleached denim or a vintage cropped denim jacket. Look out for bold slogan tees like “Girls Bite Back’, “GRL PWR’ and ‘The Future is Female’ to remind guys who really run the world.

Bandanas are here to stay

Whether you need a quick cover-up to wear on the beach, a fab paisley bandana on a big hair day or a luxurious silky headscarf like Kendall Jenner, we love this trend! From animal-patterned silk scarves to designed monogrammed headscarves and patchwork cotton wraps, there is a huge range of stylish options on the high street and online. If you loved Clueless, you’ll need a stunning patterned headband too, or even a check one. Experiment with different colours and textures and show off a vintage look with giant sunglasses and pearls like a classic fashionable ’90s lady.

Grunge fashion trends

The ’90s grunge look is so hot at the moment, with everything from slip dresses to check shirts and band t-shirts making a comeback. Make sure you have your classic combat boots, lots of leather accessories and a playlist that is mainly devoted to Nirvana and Pearl Jam. If you’ve got long hair, make sure you try those tiny braids again and go for a classic centre-part and experiment with that bright hair dye you never quite dared to try back then. Layer up necklaces, find yourself a beanie hat and never take it off.

Tiny bags… are a popular style again

Remember those really tiny handbags? Little drawstring pouches made of bright tribal fabric with embroidery and tassels? Or those little pink silk bags styled by Kate Beckinsdale and other ’90s icons. They’re making a comeback, and thankfully smartphones today take up a lot less room than our chunky flip phones. These little handbags are so adorable that major designers have included them in their accessories collections this year. Look out for logos and fringes too for some extra fashion points. Bum bags (or fanny packs in the USA) are also making a comeback, especially for when you need your hands in the air to dance at festivals.

Space buns and highlights

Hairstyles in the ’90s were incredibly bold, from chunky blond highlights to Reese Witherspoon’s unforgettably adorable space buns. Influencers across the world have been showing off their creative hairstyles, and more than a few take inspiration from the fabulous ladies of ’90s fashion. Get creative with these ten hairstyles you can try at home, including baby braids, golden highlights and the perfect messy bun straight out of the ’90s. Make the most of the last days of summer and try lightening your hair a tone or experiment with blonde semi-permanent highlighting kits, just like in the ’90s. You can go to the hairdresser if it doesn’t work out too!

Dungarees in every possible colour

Have you noticed how many people are sporting retro dungarees on Instagram at the moment? These classic wardrobe staples had taken a hiatus but they’re back, and bigger than ever. Channel your early ’90s hip hop icons with giant baggy denim dungarees and customise them with badges. Pair with your trusty plaid shirt (you really do need a couple if you’re rocking 90s fashion) and some beat-up Vans. Look for bright colourful dungarees in powder pink, mint and bright yellow for a bold and colourful look that will brighten everyone’s day. If dungarees are too retro for you, and you like a more feminine lady/ladies look, try a stylish patterned fabric romper or playsuit.

Girls just wanna have fun with beauty trends

If you love bright makeup and unique looks, then take a look back to the ’90s for some impressive beauty trends. ’90s beauty wasn’t all body glitter and lip smackers (though feel free to experiment). Matte lipstick was a huge trend, with celebs like Drew Barrymore perfecting the stylish, plump pout. Look for brown and earthy tones and complement your look with natural eye makeup and bold lashes. Blue eyeshadow is of course a ’90s classic but you can give it a modern twist with loose highly-pigmented powders and dramatic blue shades.

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