Brrr, it`s cold outside but you can be stylish anyway!

It is that time of the year that we prefer staying at home or in a warm cozy place. However, if you want to feel warm and to be stylish at the same time when you are out, there are some trendy coats that will do the job.

Wrap coats

A classic wrap coat is a perfect option when you are looking for an effortless and chic look. The brown color is also trendy this season and there is no doubt that this is definitely a good choice.

Longline silhouette coats

If you love those longline coats that highlights your silhouette, do not think anymore and buy one. It goes well with flat or high heel boots. Another advantage is its length, it will definitely keep you warmer than a short one.

Grid patterns

Something so trendy these days is the grid patterns. You can find them on coats, scarfs, skirts, trousers. Check pattern is also trendy and a good choice for your winter wardrobe. If you follow the fashion trends, you definitely know about that patterns.

Teddy coats

Those soft and fluffy coats are a great choice for winter. They are so comfortable to wear and you feel warm and cozy even in the really cold weather. The nude/light brown colors are great because you can easily combine the coat with your outfit and add colorful accessories as an accent.

Colorful coats

When talking about winter coats and jackets it doesn’t mean that it has to be a dark color – black, dark blue or grey. Yes, it is a universal color that goes well with everything, but why not going for a more colorful look – red, dark yellow, green, dusty pink. The winter is gloomy enough but can make it warmer, more colorful and positive.

What are you wearing this season and which is your favorite type of coat?

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