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What is coming up in Lady Popular in June?

Are you wondering what we have prepared for you in Lady Popular in June? It is a little bit early, but we are so excited and we couldn’t wait anymore. June starts with Children’s day – a day full of happiness, joy and a lot of smiles. What better start of the month?...

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5 Fashion Instagram Profiles That You Need to Follow

Do you have a favorite Instagram profile that you follow? I am sure you do. Nowadays Instagram is a big part of our life and people are becoming more and more active. They love sharing their food, outfit & makeup, holiday and travel experience. I love following...

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Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Taurus is the second sign from the zodiac. The element of Taurus is Earth, the quality is fixed, the color is green and the ruler is Venus. People under that sign are patient, devoted, reliable and practical. They love everything that is good and beautiful and they...

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