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Collection: Fashion Weeks

It is time for our latest limited collection in Lady Popular. This time it is in the spirit of Fashion Weeks. Where do all fashion trends start from? Оpen the fashion calendar and you will see - Fashion Weeks. At the beginning of the year, there are Fashion Weeks in...

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Brand New Event: The Slots – Venice Carnival

We’re proud to introduce you a brand new type of event - the Slots! The theme is Venice Carnival, so you can expect so many exquisite fashion items and awesome hairstyles! Venice and the Venice Carnival are both magical and so impressive! Venice is built on water and...

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Nail Designs – The Latest Trends and Ideas

Beautiful nails and nail designs are always trendy. They make you feel and look good, they are giving you a nice finish of your everyday look. If you like spending time for the nails, this is for you. The best thing about nail designs is that they are not affected by...

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