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Event: Easter Teleport

Easter is coming and our Easter Teleport event is already available for you. It’s spring again! We survived another long winter all we want is sunshine and short sleeves! May this Easter inspire you to new hope, happiness and prosperity! In this event, you will find...

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Event: Plastic Fashion

Plastic Fashion in real life? Тhis is a very big trend on the podiums at the moment. Intimidating? Yes, it is, but not impossible to cooperate it in your daily style. Let's try! Everybody knows we are trendsetters and we are the bravest, most fashionable out there!...

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Zodiac Sign: Aries

Aries represents the start of the zodiac. The element of the Aries is fire, the color is red and the ruling planet is Mars. Aries love danger, risk and fast decisions. Sometimes they take actions even before they think about it well. They don’t like insecurity and...

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